Clark E. Beck

1929 - 6/14/2020

 Inducted 2014


Clark E. Beck As a young college graduate holding degrees in the fields of Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering, he was a pioneer graduate in the first class (1955) of African American engineers from the University of Cincinnati. During his lengthy career at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Clark E. Beck was involved in testing military equipment at extremely low temperatures, and he advanced to conducting structural tests at 2500 degrees Fahrenheit for the Dyna-Soar project which later became the Space Shuttle. He taught in the field of higher education at Central State University, Sinclair Community College and Wright State University and developed the Wright STEPP program. His involvement in numerous community boards, coupled with his generosity and desire to give back to the youth, led him to strive toward his goal of increasing the number of minorities and women in the engineering field.