Loren M. Berry

7/24/1888 - 2/10/1980

Inducted 1996

Loren M. Berry started from virtually nothing to create the L.M. Berry Company, producer of the Yellow Pages, the multi-national company that made him a millionaire. As he sold advertising to businesses in the early days he was sometimes paid in stock: he once owned stock in about 60 companies. He was a close friend to both Orville Wright and Charles Kettering, and in fact chose to move to Dayton because he thought the invention of flight, NCR’s electrified cash registers and other creations would make the city a center for industry. He was a generous donor to the local and national Republican Party and was friends with Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. L.M. Berry established a foundation that has channeled millions of dollars to local universities and charitable causes. He was especially supportive of youth activities.