Edward Grimes Breen

 6/10/1908 - 5/8/1991

Inducted 2000 


The Honorable Edward Grimes Breen served as Mayor of Dayton, Montgomery County Commissioner and U.S. Congressman. This friendly public servant began his career as a manager of the Dayton Biltmore Hotel, where he worked hard to provide jobs for Daytonians during the Great Depression. Edward Breen was called to active duty in the army during World War II and participated in the invasions of North Africa, Sicily, and Italy. For over a year he was the highest ranking officer in Naples, and ran the city during its U.S. military occupation. After the war, he turned his administrative and business talents to serving first as Dayton’s Mayor, and then as U.S. Congressman. In Congress, he worked to bring statehood to Alaska and supported the new country of Israel. After Congress he served as County Commissioner and manager of the Montgomery County Stillwater Hospital.