Clayton John Bruckner

12/18/1896 - 12/26/1977 

Inducted 1997

Clayton John Bruckner was the founder and president of the WACO Aircraft Company in Troy, which provided hundreds of jobs in the 1920s, 30s and 40s. During its operation, more that 5,000 WACOs were manufactured, with over 350 of them still flying today. During World War II the company manufactured gliders to support U.S. military operations. Clayton Bruckner was also active as an inventor and philanthropist. He designed, among other things, a hydraulically operated log splitter, a mechanical sod cutter and a submersible office used to study marine life in his family’s pond. He was the founder of the Bruckner Nature Center, which offers over 90,000 visitors a year the opportunity to study the natural surroundings. The Center’s Wildlife Rehab Unit cares for injured wildlife and has become nationally known for its accomplishments.