Milton Caniff

2/28/1907 -  4/3/1988 

Inducted 1997


Milton Caniff was a gifted adventure comic writer and artist. He studied with the Landon mail-order cartoon school and worked in the Columbus Dispatch art department while attending Ohio State University. He later worked for the Associated Press, doing both feature panels and cartoon strips. His first adventure cartoon, Dickie Dare, was picked up by the New York Post and then the New York Sun. Through a relationship he had formed with Sigma Chi fraternity brothers, Milton Caniff’s work was brought to the attention of Captain Patterson of the New York Daily News, who encouraged him to invent Terry and the Pirates. This strip enjoyed great popularity as did Steve Canyon, about an Air Force officer returning home after the war. By the end of his career Milton Caniff was one of the few surviving writer-artists left in the field.