Cathy Guisewite

9/5/1950 - Present

Inducted 2017


Born in Dayton, Ohio, Cathy Guisewite was a pioneer in the media of cartooning, a field dominated by men. While working for an advertising agency, she sent the frustrations of her day in stick figure drawings to her parents.  Cathy’s mother urged her to send them to a comic strip syndicate although she knew nothing about drawing comic strips.  Cathy’s mother felt Cathy’s drawings reflected the conflicts many women were feeling.

Cathy sent samples to the first name on a list her mother compiled, and Universal Press Syndicate immediately bought the strip.  The strip was launched in 1976; by the mid-1990s Cathy ran internationally in over 1,400 newspapers, including the Dayton Daily News. Cathy appealed to many women of her generation with both humor and social significance. Cathy is the recipient of many awards, including the prestigious Ruben Award for Cartoonist of the Year in 1992.