Photograph courtesy of Alberta Robinson Sloan. It originally appeared in Dayton’s African American Heritage by Margaret Peters.

Dayton Marcos


Inducted 2011


Dayton Marcos Chartered in 1920 as one of eight Negro League Baseball Teams the Dayton Marcos played its first game at Westwood Field on Western Avenue, (now James H. McGee Blvd.) on June 12, 1920, against the Chicago Giants. It was reported that one of the best known members of the team was Bill Sloan, “a hero of the 1913 flood. W. G. Sloan, the well-known colored ball player, was in the rescue work continuously from Tuesday morning until Friday, 68 hours of continuous work on the West Side. He took the Caleb family of five persons from a raft on which they had been floating, tossed the heaving and rushing waters for 48 hours. With Frank Thoro and George Crandall helping, Sloan saved 317 people during 68 hours of continuous work”. Another member having played shortstop for the Dayton Marcos was Mr. Curtis “Bingo” Lloyd. He worked with Mrs. Miley O. Williamson of the Dayton NAACP to desegregate city golf courses. He also threw out the first pitch at the Dayton Dragons Baseball game in 2000 where in tribute to the Dayton Marcos Baseball Team, the Dragon Team member work shirts of the teams in the National Negro League.