Dr. August F. Foerste

 5/7/1862 - 4/23/1936

Inducted 2004


Dr. August F. Foerste was an internationally respected geologist and paleontologist who was a pioneer in describing the geology of the Miami Valley. He was a highly productive scientist who published over 5,500 pages on geology and produced over 650 photographic plates of fossil material. His 1915 work entitled Geology in the Vicinity of Dayton is considered a classic in the field. August’s Foerste understanding of the area’s geology led to his direct involvement with the Miami Conservancy District, advising the group on such crucial issues as the location of dams. In addition to his career as an active scientist, he taught physics and science at Steele High School for 38 years, inspiring many to careers in the sciences. In 1926 he was presented with a lifetime membership to the Engineers Club of Dayton.