Lillian Gish

10/14/1896 - 2/27/1993

Dorothy Gish

3/11/1898  - 6/4/1968

Inducted 1999


Lillian Gish and Dorothy Gish were stars of stage, silent pictures and the silver screen. These Ohio sisters acted during their entire lives: Lillian began at age 5 and worked in her last motion picture at 91, and Dorothy’s career began in 1902 and ended in 1964. They were witnesses to the amazing inception, development, growth and evolution of motion pictures, an entirely new communications medium that was to forever change the world. They participated in almost every phase of it, from sewing their own costumes and doing their own hair and make-up to managing the construction of movie sets and, in the case of Lillian, becoming the first woman director of a major Hollywood feature film. From their early work as stage actresses traveling on the road to working in silent films, talking pictures, color films, Broadway plays and television, the Gish sisters experienced extraordinary careers as American actresses.