William G. Goodwin


Inducted 2008

William G. Goodwin was an inventor and chemist. As head chemist for Dayton Rubber, he worked on many inventions for tires and with wider applications. For instance, he created rubber rollers used to shuck corn, rollers to print money for the U.S. Mint, and compartments for rubber life rafts used during World War II to make them less sinkable when fired upon. He also perfected a rubber handle for tennis rackets and invented an airplane tire that would not flatten upon landing. Perhaps his most wide reaching invention was the V-Belt. Before Goodwin’s invention, all the belts that drove machines were flat and often slipped off, stopping work. With the v-shaped belt, parts for machines from automobiles to machine shop equipment could move more quickly and for longer periods of time without repair. These belts are still used today.