Barrett K. Green

 1906 - 8/28/1997

Inducted 2004

Barrett K. Green is known as the father of microencapsulation. A research scientist at NCR, Barry Green had been assigned to workon reducing the cost and improving the quality of the carbon paper sold by the company. After years of research, he developed the principle of enclosing a color-reactive liquid in thin capsules, which were then made into an emulsion. Once the material was coated on the back of paper, pressure on the front side would break the tiny capsules, releasing the liquid onto the page below. This carbonless paper technology gave NCR its nickname of “No Carbon Required” and was responsible for much of the company’s growth and acquisitions. Eventually the microencapuslation principle was used in other products as well, such as pharmaceuticals (time release capsules), perfumes, thermometers (liquid crystals) and anti-corrosive coatings on bolts and rivets.