Tony P. Hall

1/16/1942 - Present 

Inducted 2013

Tony P. Hall, Son of Dave Hall, a past mayor of Dayton, Ohio, Tony Hall served as a Peace Core Volunteer in Thailand teaching English after completing college in 1964. He regularly testified before the House Armed Services Committee in support of expansion projects to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. In 1993 Hall wrote legislation that laid the foundation for the privatization of the Energy Department’s Miamisburg Mound Plant known as the “Hall Amendment”. In 1984 Hall’s passion for eradicating hunger took him to Ethiopia, where he investigated the famine that was killing tens of thousands of people resulting in his decision to focus primarily on hunger. His work to introduce successful legislation extending the life of the Dayton Area Health Plan, now Care-Source, has provided health care services to over 100000 low income residents of Montgomery County. He now serves as the Executive Director of the Alliance to End Hunger.