Dr. John Hole

 4/30/1755 - 1/6/1813

Inducted 1996

Dr. John Hole was a patriot, soldier, woodsman, Indian fighter, hunter, surveyor, home builder, farmer, business leader and the first physician to practice medicine in the Miami Valley. He often received payment in kind or promises to pay later, which led him to undertake other activities to support his family. He was one of the surveyors of Mad River Road, the first to connect Cincinnati and Dayton, and also surveyed River Road, later State Route 25. As settlement grew in the area, Dr. Hole built two sawmills, one of them marking the beginning of an industrial settlement that grew into the town of Woodbourne. He served as an army surgeon under Brigadier General Richard Montgomery during the Revolutionary War. He was on the committee to name the county and refused the proposal to name it Hole, suggesting that it be named after Montgomery instead.