Photograph courtesy of Dr. Violet Jackson.  It originally appeared in Dayton’s African American Heritage by Margaret Peters.

Dr. Lewis Albert Jackson

1912 - 1994

Inducted 1996

Dr. Lewis Albert Jackson was an aviation pioneer and educator. He won pilot’s certification in 1932, and paid for college by barn-storming through Indiana and Ohio. He earned an education degree at Indiana Wesleyan University, and thereafter combined his two passions, aviation and education. He continued to pursue aviation training, including precision acrobatic flying, and served as Director of Training at the Tuskegee Primary Flying School, which prepared pilots to fly in World War II. After the war, Dr. Jackson moved to Dayton where he became a Federal Aviation Administration Flight Examiner. He worked to develop new airplane prototypes, including a machine that would serve as both airplane and car in pursuit of his ideal, “an airplane in every garage.” He obtained a Ph.D. in higher education and served in many capacities, including President of Central State University and Vice President for Administration at Sinclair Community College.