John L. Janning

John L. Janning (1928- ) is a multi-disciplined scientist holding more than 45 U.S. patents in various fields of science and engineering. Several of his patented processes were crucial in the development of liquid crystal displays (L.C.D.s). His contributions led to the use of L.C.D.s in such diverse devices as wristwatches and calculators, medical equipment, TV screens, portable computers and other electronic displays. During his 30 year career at National Cash Register his inventions were recognized with such honors as the company’s very first President’s Award as well as countless others. John Janning is very much a part of Dayton’s proud history as an invention capital. He is an instructor on inventions and motivation for the University of Dayton’s Women in Engineering Program, which encourages young women to enter the field.–Inducted: 2001