Jacob O. Joyce


 Inducted 2003

Jacob O. Joyce was a Dayton inventor and businessman. One of his most useful inventions was the hydraulic lifting jack. In 1873 Joyce, a Dayton native, started the Joyce-Cridland Company to design, patent and manufacture all types of jacks. These devices were initially focused on the mining and railroad industry, where they made possible the easy movement of heavy  equipment: today the company founded by Joyce moves nearly every kind of heavy equipment imaginable. Joyce also made his mark upon the local landscape when he purchased the rooming house at Number 6 Josie Street now called the Steamboat House and “Victorianized” it by adding rooms, stairways, dormers, bays, and the wrap around porches visible from Keowee Street. Joyce also modified this home with a higher roof which was put up using the hydraulic jack he invented. Imagine the spectacle!