Charles F. Kettering

 8/29/1876 - 11/25/1958

Inducted 1996

Charles F. Kettering was an inventor, entrepreneur, visionary and humanitarian. He came to Dayton in 1904 to join NCR, where his first task was to electrify the cash register. He partnered with Edward Deeds to organize the Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company, later known as DELCO. He spearheaded the development of an auto ignition system and self-starter, revolutionizing the auto industry. He later became head of General Motors Central Research Laboratories. “Boss” Kettering also developed a portable electrical generator, the first synthetic aviation gasoline, pilotless aircraft, baby incubators, and air conditioning. With Deeds he established the Engineers Club of Dayton, envisioned as a place where thinkers could get together to solve practical problems. He was a noted philanthropist, establishing the Kettering Foundation, co-founding the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research and giving to many local institutions, including Antioch College. At his death he held more than 140 patents.