Evangeline Lindsley

11/12/1896 - 9/26/2002 

Inducted 1998

Evangeline Lindsley was a teacher who loved learning. She taught history to students at Roosevelt High School for 46 years, never losing her passion for her job. When she was 100 years old she published an autobiography called My Century: An Outspoken Memoir. The book gives testimony to her intelligence, strong sense of values and fervor for justice, traits which kept her active in politics and made her an advocate for teachers and women. Her indomitable will led her to celebrate her centennial with a cruise to the Caribbean and a submarine ride in the Bahamas. Evangeline Lindsley was a co-founder of the Daybreak facility for runaway and homeless youth. She never married–her fiancé died in World War I - but once claimed that, through her teaching she had 12,000 children.