Photograph courtesy of Mrs. Viola Riffe Lloyd. It originally appeared in Dayton’s African American Heritage by Margaret Peters.

Louise Troy

 1860 - 1941 

Inducted 1996 


Louise Troy was the daughter of a Civil War veteran who taught in Dayton from 1878 until 1920. She began teaching in the “colored school,” and after the schools were integrated in 1887 she was the only African American teacher who was retained. She remained the only black teacher in the public school system for many years, so all young black women seeking teacher training in the early 1900s were sent to her for practice teaching. Her pupils included Paul Laurence Dunbar, who she described as the dreamy type” and William O. Stokes, as well as many future black educators. Louise Troy was a charter member of the YWCA and was instrumental in the drive which resulted in their purchase of the building at West Fifth and Horace streets. She served as the first treasurer and a founding member of the Dayton branch of the NAACP.