Photograph taken by Rosymary Peters Brame.

Margaret E. Peters

3/12/1936 - Present

Inducted 2002

Margaret E. Peters a high school teacher of English and history, became concerned about the lack of adequate, accurate information on African American history and culture. She worked to enrich the curriculum through service as the district’s Black History Resource Teacher, promotion of an African American history course, and writing publications including The Ebony Book of Black Achievement, used in many schools to supplement American history courses. She conducted a radio program on black culture and wrote Dayton’s African American Heritage. She continues to write and speak about black history. Her volunteer activities include charter advisor of the Muse Machine, coordinator of the after-school tutorial program at Zion Baptist Church, chair of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School Program, and board member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. She is the recipient of numerous local, state and national honors.