Alice Woodward

1915 - 2000

Inducted 1998

Alice Woodward was the dean of Dayton’s historic preservationists. Not only did she save more than 40 buildings, including the Steamboat House, now on the National Register of Historic Places, but she advised and aided other preservationists as well. All of her work was done to the highest standards. Alice Woodward was a guide and inspiration to the historic preservation movement in Dayton, a movement which has resulted in some of the city’s most successfully revitalized and marketable neighborhoods. For her efforts to save historic buildings she was given an award by the Governor and House of Representatives, with particular recognition given to her instrumental role in saving College Hill Hospital, the Dayton Mental Health Center and the Jacob O. Joyce home. In a very real sense, we owe much of the preservation of Dayton’s historic architecture to Alice Woodward and the preservation movement she initiated and nourished.