Zoe Dell Nutter

 6/14/1915 - Present 

Inducted 2015



 Zoe Dell Nutter was born in Oregon and moved to Dayton 50 years ago when she married Ervin Nutter, owner of Elano Corporation. Mrs. Nutter gave up a career in ballet when she accepted a position to promote the Golden Gate International Exposition in 1939. Later, she was California’s representative at the World’s Fair in Brussels, which led to her becoming the “Flying Ambassador” to the Century 21 Exposition at Seattle and the New York World’s Fair. She earned a pilot’s license and worked in marketing for Piper Aviation to improve pilot safety, increase the number of private pilots and encourage women in the profession. At Elano, her experience in marketing complemented her husband’s technical aviation expertise. There, she headed the Small Aircraft Division and became one of the company’s pilots. The development of the Elano manifold came when she urged more plane power over mountains. In Dayton, Mrs. Nutter was the first woman to chair the Board of Trustees of the National Aviation Hall of Fame. She has served on local, state and national boards of trustees and received numerous awards.